The information product industry is a Billion Dollar industry.  There is currently an onslaught of Gurus like Branden Bruschard, Eben Pagan, Ryan Deiss and Jeff Walker, to name a few, teaching about creating information products.

The only challenge is that they tell you what to do, but not necessarily how to do it. They tell you to create products, but don't tell you how to deliver them or what technology to use.

They say to go and build a member site, yet don't tell you how.  So you jump on Google and end up being overwhelmed by endless choices.   Does that sound familiar?

Strategy and Planning

Consider the following questions:


      • How do you get started?
      • What technology do you use?
      • Why launch a membership site?
      • What are you trying to accomplish with your membership site?
      • Are you looking to sell products or courses?
      • Are you using it as a way to support your clients, or perhaps as a tool for team mates to access information.
      • How does it fit into your overall business plan?
      • What is my budget for this site?

These are questions that you need to answer before you build your membership site.

We can help you answer those questions and to formulate a plan for an optimal membership site with our strategic business consulting services.

First step is to have a Discovery Session with you and your team.  In that session, we will have 3 outcomes:

1) We will understand your business better

2) We will look at current challenges you face and/or will face as you develop your site

3) We will give you our recommendation for the most strategic approach to launching a membership site and give you ideas on how to get started.

Having a well thought out strategy and plan and following it through will improve your chances of massive success!

So book your discovery session today!


Benjamin Franklin

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin





With so much technology and gizmos out there, it can get so confusing.

Are things like webinars, membership platforms, learning management systems, responsive design, marketing funnels, squeeze pages, landing pages and led magnets, leaving you feeling like a "deer into oncoming headlights?"

.............Don't worry, many of our clients feel that way too.

The good news is that we can help you sort all that stuff out, so that you can focus on what you do best!

Let us take care of all the geeky stuff for you!!