SPA System Resources

Follow the 4 Steps required for us to get started building your SPA system.


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Purchase the following platforms:

Acuity Scheduling  Calendar/Scheduling software (Purchase the emerging plan)

Pipedrive CRM (You must purchase the Gold Plan for all Integrations to work)

Active Campaign Email Autoresponder Software (lite program with 2,500 users is recommended) NOTE: Do not buy Plus program. Start with the 14-day free trial and then upgrade to the paid version(Purchase the starter subscription)

Business Card Reader For Pipedrive CRM

You can also download the free smarphone apps for Pipedrive, Acuity and Business Card Reader from the App Stores:

Some links on this page are affiliate links. However getting paid from these providers has not influenced our decision to recommend using these tools.


A) Download the SPA Customer Intake Sheet and fill it out. Then name it as [Your name]SPA Customer Intake Sheet and email it to

B) Download the SPA Client ID and PW Spreadsheet and fill it out with the ID and PW from the platforms you purchase above, plus Google logins and email it to


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