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Stress Free Hobbies + Sakura Watercolor Set Review

I spent the majority of February sick and then dealing with shingles, which means I’ve had a lot of down time. Time where I couldn’t do much other than hope things would pass quickly while I entertained myself. I took advantage of the time to finally start playing with some of the art supplies I got for Christmas. I’m … read more

They Call Me Roof… Because I’ve Got Shingles

Hello friends. It’s me. Mary. Hanging out with a case of shingles. Last Friday I woke up with a rash on my forehead. I thought it was from wearing a fuzzy hat the night before but it didn’t disappear quickly like I expected. It itched and bothered me the whole weekend. By Saturday when it didn’t disappear I got a bit … read more

Help Your Guy in His Weight Loss Goals

Since the season of love has come and gone, I thought this post would be great to share. Helping your partner get in shape, lose weight, and better his life is a great cause and Mel shares some great tips on how to do this in today’s post! Help Your Guy in His Weight Loss Goals If you’re looking for ways to get your guy … read more

Healthy AdvoCare Challenge Snack Ideas

Hello everyone! It’s the last day to pre-order your AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge kit for the nationwide All In AdvoCare Challenge starting on January 11. You can pre-order your kit today for some free goodies (and still get it afterward if you decide later to join the challenge)!

Jump all in and make 2016 your year!

jump all in with advocare 24 day challenge 2016

advocare 24 day challenge healthy snack ideasToday I wanted to share healthy snack ideas for anyone participating in an AdvoCare challenge. Snacks can be one of the most confusing things when your are doing the challenge. You c