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Financial Modeling Training

Course Introduction

It doesn’t matter if you have some accounting and financial experience or none at all, our knowledgeable instructors and comprehensive course materials, including streaming video lectures, are going to show you how to build highly accurate financial models.

This skill will not only help your business make better decisions in the future but will also increase your value to your organization and your earning power!


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What Will You Learn?

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Remember, you can proceed with the training at your own pace. Simply log in when it is convenient for you and replay important lecture segments if necessary to ensure full understanding.

Course Overview

The comprehensive course covers exactly what you need to know to build highly accurate financial models. You’ll learn what valuation methods are best, when to use one valuation method instead of another, Excel functions, Revolver Modeling, Sensitivity Analysis, 5 year projections and much more. The course is divided into three modules and covers everything you need to know to build integrated financial models – no prior knowledge or experience necessary.