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It's True: You Really Can Save 5 hrs a week Here's How...

As a Coach, Consultant or Expert, time is your most valuable resource. Discover the  5 “MUST HAVE” tools that will give you back at least 5 hrs a week  to serve more clients or do what is most  important to you…    Put it to the test!

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You're good at what you do.  Your business is growing.  And you've reached a point where there's only so much of you to go around, and so many hours in the day.

And your fear is, that you'll never ever make more money than you're making now.  And the idea of technology scares you to death.   Mainly, because  you don't  know  where to start.


Does that sound like you?


What if I told you,  all you have to do is know what you want to say to get clients, and I take care of the how.  There will be no limits on how big or how fast, you can grow.

I teach you how to clone yourself!!!


......... Isn't that what you really want?


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Hi, my name is Steven Logreira 


Blog MAstery 3I am your Trusted Tech Adviser for the online part of your business.

My passion is to help you with all the frustrating and often confusing "technical stuff."

How I do that is by leveraging my online business experience and my inner Geek (plus a team of other geeks) to create "Done for You" solutions that relieve the frustration and overwhelm that you feel when you have to figure this out yourself.

My brand promise is simple: You create the content, and you let me, and my team, worry about how to deliver that content; so that you can save time and focus on what is really important to you.

Contact me today for a free no-obligation Get To Know You Discovery Session that will have three objectives:

  • I will be able to understand your business fully
  • I will look at what's working and what's not working
  • I will provide solutions to the things that are not working
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I love Happy Happy Clients!

I've sold $3.4 millions worth of services via webinar. With my reputation, I can pretty much choose anyone to set up my Automated Webinars, but I choose Steven as my go-to person. Do I really need to say more? He's reliable and trustworthy. Hire him if you still could before he gets too busy.

Dan Lock

"Before working with Steven Logreira at Deliver Your Content, I was struggling to figure out how to develop and launch my membership site.

Within a few weeks, he had created a beautiful, well-functioning site with all the features I wanted, taught me how to manage it, and we launched it! Now, instead of staring at my content and videos and feeling frustrated, I have them all in a members-only online course, that I'm selling online. I've made almost $5000 in the last two weeks from my online course - money that I would have missed out before! I got my investment back within a few days, and now have an ongoing revenue stream for my coaching business.

Thanks Steven! 

If you are thinking of creating an online course, or a group coaching/membership site, I highly recommend working with Steven Logreira of Deliver Your Content!"

Diane Currie Sam

Steven knows his technology, and any time I came up against a technical challenge as I was setting up my first webinar, he quickly responded with a solution. Steven is personable and patient. I also really appreciated being able to consult with him about various pieces of software. He directed me to the most user-friendly technology solutions. I didn't have to do that research. He'd already done it for me!

Laura Bush

We Are Here For You Every Step Of The Way

With our simple 3-step process

  • 1

    Strategy & Planning

    How do you scale your business? What Strategies and systems do you implement?
    Firs things first. We take a look at where you are at, and where you would like to be. Then we create a game-plan to get you there!

  • 2

    Design & Implementation

    We then take that plan and design a custom made solution, based on your specific needs.
    Then taking full advantage of our "DONE FOR YOU" services, we implement it!

  • 3

    Training & Support

    After we devise the strategy, plan it and then implement it, we then support you every step of the way and provide full training.

More Reviews From Happy Clients

  • Working with Steven made my life so much easier. He allowed me to hand over some of the more technical aspects of my membership site so that I could focus on the aspects I am better at. He saved me hours of time I would've spent learning and testing. He also gave me the piece of mind that it was getting done right. Steven is very patient, understanding and easy to get along with. From experience I know this is not always the case with people in his line of work. Some of this stuff can get pretty technical and confusing for guys like me. He took the time to make sure that I understood what was being done. I would recommend Steven to anyone who is looking for fast, trustworthy help with building out a membership site and/or sales funnel optimization.
    Corey Koehler Corey Koehler Media
      Corey Koehler
  • Working with Steven helped take my business to the next level. Not only did he create a highly functioning website that was customized to my particular business, he also provided keen and honest advice as to what was best for me. For example, in my particular business I use a third party application to provide a service for my clients, and Steven recommended I stick with that application instead of building it from scratch. Building something like that would have cost me thousands of Dollars and Steven recommended I keep it.  So his advise saved me Thousands of Dollars I thought I needed to spend. I can't recommend working with Steven enough. He is honest and true to his clients, delivers high quality work in a timely manner, and truly does have his customers best interest in mind.
    Scott GrayGray Fitness Online
      Scott Gray
  • "Steven Logreira recently designed my Blog Mastery Academy Membership Site and did an AMAZING job.  Steven first asked for my vision, goals, and content. Then, he put together an amazing site based on my vision and fine-tuned it as we went along.  Overall, Steven was easy-to-work with, delivered results on time, and changed things when necessary. I would highly recommend working with Steven to develop your own Membership Site."
    Ricky ShettyDaddy Blogger
      Ricky Shetty
  • "When I met Steven I had no idea how valuable a membership site can be. He helped me select the right software and guided me in setting up a successful website. Based on what I learnt from Steven, I've been able to quickly and easily start my Behavioural Loops ( websites, to quickly set-up a temporary website for the Healthy-Anger Academy events and to offer an online course. Whenever I had a question regarding my sites, he would do the research and answer it for for me within a few days."
    Philip Be'erLearning To Love
      Philip Be'er
  • “I have found Steven to be an excellent person to work with. He was happy to share with me some previous membership sites he had completed and also gave me some references of people I could talk to. He answered all my questions in full before I decided to use him. What attracted me to him is the fact that he is very skilled in building membership sites and is also able to offer advice and strategies in the marketing and implementation.  So there is a likely return on my investment. He took time to call me via skype on many occasions and went through details with me in order to understand what I was looking for and also offered extra suggestions. I highly recommend Steven!
    Sonia HollisLearn Sign Language
      Sonia Hollis
  • I learned more about membership websites in my first consultation with Steven, than I learned in several months of working with other website developers. He is very knowledgeable, patient and friendly.
    Wendy BusseMast Cell Nutrition
      Wendy Busse